The guest signing the registration card upon check-in, warrants that he is duly authorised to sign for and bind all persons represented by him or for whom he is responsible (“his Party”) to these Conditions of Residence and, failing such authority, agrees to be personally liable for all amounts arising from the residence of himself and his Party at the Sugar Hotel.

The guest and each of his Party agrees to pay no later than the time of his departure the room rate as determined by the Sugar Hotel for the period of residence, cost of food, beverage and any other amounts relating to such residence together with VAT (if applicable) incurred by the guest and his Party during their stay in the Sugar Hotel. Periodic payments must be made if the account exceeds the credit limit designated by the Sugar Hotel, and accounts are payable upon presentation.

A certificate from Sugar Hotel’s manager prima facie shall constitute proof of indebtedness of the guest and his Party and of the particulars therein for all purposes including any actions instituted by the Sugar Hotel against the guest and/or his Party.

The guest hereby agrees on behalf of himself and the members of his party that it is a condition of his/their residence at the Sugar Hotel that neither Sugar Hotel, its landlord, employees nor agents shall be responsible for any injury or death of any person or loss or destruction of or damage to any property upon the premises, whether arising from fire , theft or any cause and by whomsoever caused or arising from the negligence or wrongful act of any person in the employment of the Sugar Hotel.


Rates quoted are:

  • Per Person per night – Single or Double Room
  • Inclusive of Full breakfast
  • Quoted in South African Rands (ZAR)
  • Subject to change without prior notice
  • Inclusive of 14 % VAT (subject to change)
  • Inclusive of the tourism levy of 1% per room pr night (subject to change)
  • Breakfast charge is non-refundable
  • Service charge is discretionary
  • Cheques are not accepted unless prior to arrangements have been made  with management


Booking terms:

  • All bookings must be made in witting and only written confirmations will be honoured.
  • A deposit of 20% will secure your reservation.
  • Deposits are only refundable if the reservation is cancelled at least 35 days prior to date of arrival.
  • Balance of accommodation account is payable in full, at least 4 weeks prior to date of arrival.
  • Bookings made less than 4 weeks prior to date of arrival must be paid in full within 3 working days.
  • Bookings made less than 1 week prior to date of arrival must be paid in full immediately.
  • No guest will be allowed to check into the hotel unless the accommodation on a bed & breakfast basis and all other pre-booked meals and services are paid for in full.
  • Provisional reservations will be held for a maximum of 05 days, after which, if no confirmation and deposit is received, the provisional reservation will be released.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation 35 days or more prior to date of arrival = 0% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation 34 to 21 days prior to date of arrival = 20% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation 20 to 08 days prior to date of arrival = 50% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation 07 to 00 days prior to date of arrival = 100% cancellation fee.
  • In the event of premature departure the full extent of stay as originally booked and confirmed will be charged.
  • Refunds and waiver of cancellation policies are at the discretion of management and the ability to re-let the rooms.